Thor Rixon - Michele Vinyl
Thor Rixon - Michele Vinyl
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Thor Rixon - Michele Vinyl

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After plenty of harassment from his mother, acclaimed South African house artist Thor Rixon finally serves up a long-awaited dance album. Named ‘Michele’ after her, it is a seven-track affair that finds Rixon deliver his own unique brand of avant-garde electronic music.

Thor says about this new album, “My mom, Michele, has been on my case for years to write a dance album: “you must make music that will get people jiving sweatpea!” I decided to listen to mum and try to make some dance music. At first I found it boring. “What? the kick drum is just 4/4 the whole time, and not much else happens musically?!” Well, the more I explored the world of dance music the more I began to be enthralled with all of its subtle intricacies. I spent 2 years working on ‘Michele’ in Cape Town & Berlin, recording, working with artists & testing the unfinished tracks in live performances. Once I felt the album was complete I played ‘Michele’ to my mom and at first her reaction was something like, “I don’t know about this part/I don’t like that sound”… etc so I went back and worked on it some more until her response was “I love it”’.

01 Thor Rixon – Our End
02 Thor Rixon – Old Strandfontein Road
03 Thor Rixon feat. Roxy Caroline – He Held Him Close
04 Thor Rixon feat. Duduza Mchunu – Build Again
05 Thor Rixon – Soil
06 Thor Rixon feat. Mx Blouse – Khahlela
07 Thor Rixon – The Clown

Michele is the perfect embodiment of Thor Rixon’s vast body of work as a producer who continues to push the style to higher and higher levels. As with Songs from the Bath this album is already a contender for one the best albums to come out of South Africa this year.

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