Sibot - In With The Old (2LP) Vinyl
Sibot - In With The Old (2LP) Vinyl
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Sibot - In With The Old (2LP) Vinyl

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SIBOT - In With The Old (2LP Gate-Fold) 10 Year Remaster

Sibot’s ‘in with the old’ was initially released in 2007. At the time this electronic ‘glitch-hop’ album has driving bass and sounds that fit into 2017 effortlessly. As such it’s very appropriate that the album’s debut on vinyl happens 1 December 2017 thanks to ROASTIN’ RECORDS. Sibot’s sounds precede artists like Cryptex and the Glitch Mob – both major players in this genre – by a year at least, though unlike both of those artists Sibot has stood the test of time and remains relevant on the music scene. The producer’s samples are on point and perfectly accompany the sound that can either serve as relaxing home listening as with songs like ‘Granny Scratch,’ ‘Hello Flat Foot Have You Had Your Fish Yet?’ and ‘Bang On The Drum’ or dancey club beats as with songs like ‘Hello Flat Foot Have You Had Your Fish Yet?’ (double mention intentional), ‘Octivebyoctive’ and ‘12345’.

The album has a sound very distinct from other South African electronic music and is easily recognisable. As mentioned before the samples in this album are exceptionally strong and the scope of the samples can be put in potentially the same grouping as masters like ‘Madlib’ and ‘MF Doom’ and with up and coming sample geniuses the ‘Jazz Spastiks.’ The album is certainly a must hear for fans of any form of hip hop, electronic music, well researched producers and South African music in general.

The 2017 vinyl release has been mastered in high fidelity and comes in a limited run of 300.

“In with the old was way ahead of his time” – Pano Roller, Sol Gems

10 Year Anniversary Re-Issued on double Vinyl !
Re-Mastered for Vinyl at Fin Mastering.

Limited Edition of 300
Specialist Audiophile Vinyl Pressing

Shipped from The Netherlands