Mac Motel - Good Boy Vinyl
Mac Motel - Good Boy Vinyl
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Mac Motel - Good Boy Vinyl

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Ltd. Edition Color Vinyl

Mac Motel’s Debut LP "Good Boy" is a selection of tracks, composed over a space in time where time is in fact, relative. 7 years and 3 studios later... It's FINALLY ready!

Side A evokes a dreamy landscape riddled with nostalgic sounds from a bygone era, while warm keys and angelic vocal melodies playfully woo you until you find yourself bopping your head to a laid back wavy vibe. Mac Motel is leading you on a sentimental journey of the past few years of his creative output – it feels timeless.

We float into Side B with clever, whimsical melodies. MM’s skilful use of keys transcends into Motownish moods, revealing an interstellar funk. He picks up the pace as you're light-years away from where you started on the flip side, a testimony to his dexterous versatility as a musician and producer. You can hear he has put himself into this release.

Mac Motel's Good Boy is available on a Limited Edition Colour Vinyl.

Shipped from The Netherlands