Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - A Human Home LP (Pre-Order)
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - A Human Home LP (Pre-Order)
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys - A Human Home LP (Pre-Order)

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‘A Human Home’ was written during lockdown in Lucy’s room in Berlin. It is a low-fi, intimate, and expressive collection of musical sketches that explore what it means to find and feel at home. Featuring a number of accidental and deliberate remote collaborations, it documents a specific, personal, and universally shared moment in time.


The Whale Song:

Instructions For Fate:

Dripping Trees:

A Human Home 

The first single from the album, ‘Rooms’, opens with the spoken lines, ‘I just wanna be close. I just wanna be close.’ A swirling synth and string arrangement draw you into the intimacy of the sonic space.

The original idea for the project was to gather poems, sketches, and different artistic expressions from friends and family exploring their experience of isolation and to use those as starting points for songs. What ended up feeling more interesting and true were the unscripted conversations Lucy was having at the time. She collected voice notes and texts from friends and spent time with those, allowing them to inform her writing. ‘Rooms’ is a collaged duet with her best friend, Candice Cruse, who lives in South Africa and had just moved to Cape Town when lockdown began. Jean-Louise Parker, who had just moved to Berlin, added strings from her bedroom. This was the first time Jean-Louise and Lucy worked together. A year later Jean-Louise joined The Lost Boys as a full-time band member.

The making of the album was a deliberate attempt to encourage the influence of others on her creative and personal process. Acknowledging how much of home lies not only in place, but in the people we love. 

The album artwork was created by Julia Schimautz at Don’t Try Anything New, with photography by Francis Broek and styling by Lenny-Dee Doucha.