Koos Kombuis - Niemandsland
Koos Kombuis - Niemandsland
Koos Kombuis - Niemandsland
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Koos Kombuis - Niemandsland

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Koos Kombuis released his second album, Niemandsland, via Shifty Records in 1989. This followed the highly controversial Vêr Van die Ou Kalahari during a significantly difficult time in South African history. Despite the general feeling of helplessness and chaos in the country, this album served as a voice for a group of alternative-thinking South Africans who were tired of state-led censorship and the oppression of human rights.

This 2022 double record reissue is the first time that the album is pressed to vinyl as it was originally intended. It contains the previously absent songs Autobank Vastrap, the epic Baskitaar and Susanna. Side D also has a live recording of Koos and his guitar during Die Voëlvry Toer at Tuks (Univerity of Pretoria) in 1989.

Niemandsland served Koos' first real hits, Lisa se Klavier and Onder In My Whiskyglas which received significant airplay even on radio stations where he has previously been banned.


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Side A

Paranoia in Parow-Noord


Liza se Klavier

Bomskok Babalaas

Side B

Blond en Blou

Swart September


Sweet Paradise



Onder in my whiskyglas



SIDE D (Live - Recorded at Tuks 1989)

Bomskok Babalaas

Paranoia in Parow-Noord

Autobank Vastrap


Vakansie in Lusaka

Where do you go to PW?

Siembamba ft Johannes Kerkorrel